DENVER - Denver Nuggets are one team with the best record in the NBA cage this season. Before the game against the Milwaukee Bucks yesterday WIT (21 / 3), they recorded a 30-5 record for the stable.

Facing the team boards the Bucks, Chauncey Billups et al do not seem to be difficult to conquer. Moreover, the visitors are not in the best condition. Brandon Jennings et al can not do recovery well before the game.

The reason, they just arrived in Denver on Saturday at 03.00 local time. That's because they have to play two overtime to beat the host Sacramento Kings on Friday night (19 / 3). So, before the action against the Nuggets on Saturday night or Sunday morning local WIT (21 / 3), Bucks players did not get to sleep that night.

However, instead of the lackluster Bucks because of lack of rest, the Nuggets appear even without energy. As a result, the Nuggets lost 97-102. "They're a team that continues to struggle, won every ball, no matter the night before playing or not," said Billups, point guard the Nuggets, as reported by the Associated Press.

Bucks game was nothing special in the game yesterday pm. Two players of their mainstay, Jennings and Andrew Bogut, performed poorly. Until the end of the game, they each contributed nine and two points.

However, poor performances they are able to cover other players. Guard John Salmons collected 26 points. Meanwhile, forward Carlos Delfino and Ersan Ilyasova reserve players each contributed 21 and 14 points.

"This is a great victory. Therefore, we are playing against a team that was moving. This is a big victory for us to get a good position when playoffs. Obviously, this result means more," said Delfino.